About Mindsetters

We provide virtual programs to develop mental skills in life as well as to facilitate better sporting performances. These skills can be applied to education, wellness, your job, your sports and hobbies, and your life in general.

The skills are based on modern, innovative and effective neuro-linguistic programs (NLP). They are non-threatening and comfortable to learn.

David Hutchinson

David has been a practising Master NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Sports Practitioner since 2011. Since that time he has worked with many sports professionals including golfers, county level cricketers, international speedway riders, top class football referees, and others. He has also helped people to overcome fears, phobias and anxieties. He has worked with schools to facilitate better exam performance. In 2012 he was mental coach to the Bangladesh Olympic Team (London 2012). He provides mental performance presentations to sporting groups such as FA referees, golf clubs and others. He has an association with the TP Golf Tour. He is a long-standing professional member of ANLP, which sets professional and ethical standards for NLP practitioners.


Greg Payne

Greg is a professional golfer and has played on the TP Tour, the EuroPro Tour and the Challenge Tour. He is currently based in the USA in South Carolina where he is playing tour golf. Greg has an attachment to Lexington Country Club in the USA.

"Having a great technique is only part of the story. The mind plays a massive part in the ability of a golfer to perform at any level, whether amateur playing club comps or a professional trying to earn a living".

Allan Jarrett

Allan is a senior professional golfer and has played in senior professional events in the UK, Europe and Jamaica. Allan has worked with Mindsetters for over 8 years.

"Never stand still. Always keep working on your game. As you get older think about improving your fitness and flexibility. Stay positive and adapt to your changing situation".

Frederik Jacobsen

Frederik is a Danish international speedway rider. He is regarded as one of the most up and coming talents and his performances at Under 21 level have certainly showcased his ability. Frederik rode in the UK for Poole Pirates and is now riding with teams in Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

"Being focussed to race is an important part of being a speedway rider. Mentally rehearsing starts and the feeling of riding well is so vital to being successful".

Dan Robathan, Premier League Assistant Referee

Daniel Robathan is an elite level football referee and performs on the highest stage as an Assistant Referee on the English Premier League. When he started out as a 14 year old referee Dan aspired to be officiating in games involving teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur … now he has achieved that. Dan’s success has come from hard work, determination and dedication. He has worked with David Hutchinson and Mindsetters for many years and has encompassed many of the mental skills you will find in our online courses.

“Mental strength is an important part of refereeing at all levels of the game. Mental skills techniques have been an important part of my success and development. Combatting negativity, mental rehearsal, beating limiting beliefs, managing stress and building motivation are all essential skills for any match official”.