Improve you mental skills in life and sport Parts ... 1 & 2

Improve you mental skills in life and sport Parts ... 1 & 2



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Everyone wants to improve their performance in life and in their favourite activities such as sport. This complete course is divided into two Parts, each consisting of three modules, that provide you with key mental skills to enhance your wellbeing and performance. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced user of mental skills, this is a great way to start or even refresh your understanding of how to use your 'toolbox' effectively. You will be guided by Prof Dr David Hutchinson, NLP Sports Master Practitioner giving you expert advice and practical tips, as well as and great demonstrations along the way. You'll be amazed at what you learn and discover, teachings that will stay with you forever. You will find some key points to each module below.


How to Produce a Great Performance

We take a look how to improve the three components that when they come together can make a great performance: technical ability, fitness and preparation, and mental skills.

Positivity Aids Performance

You can get a real-life change by thinking, feeling and being more positive. This module provides tips to help dispel negative thoughts and a challenge to see how positively you speak.

The Power of Mental Rehearsal

How strong is your mind? How can you strengthen it? This module tells you how to mentally rehearse correctly, and when to use it. It comes with a downloadable MP3 recording to help you mentally rehearse your activity.


4 Ways to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

This module provides techniques that facilitate the elimination of stresses and anxiety in your life and sporting activities. Comes with an MP3 recording to download and use to aid your 'relaxation and anxiety relief' .

Using Routines and Anchors

A routine can anchor a positive state. Find out how they can improve your performance. Learn how to create an anchor yourself. Comes with an MP3 recording.

How your Inner Self Affects your Life and Performance

A quick test will help you to determine if you are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or auditory digital. Learn how the characteristics of each affects you. Find out how each profile can be used to maximise performance and coach people with those characteristics.